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Mon, 2013-08-26


They already wish they hadn’t put him in the army.
Now they’re going to wish they hadn’t put her in jail.


Remember US Ambassador Susman’s revelation of their major grievance in the case of Gary McKinnon… “He mocked us”. Now, somewhere in their military mentality, there will be a little festering core of uncertainty…

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Wed, 2013-08-14

Dan Newling and the Anni Hindocha Murder.

Refer: Dispatches documentary ‘Murder on Honeymoon’ starting approx 34:55.

Channel4 : … od#3262308
Youtube :

The footage I’ve referred to is of Vinod Hindocha, Anni’s father, describing events which took place in London on 22nd Nov 2010, the ninth day after the murder.
It was two days after a disastrous funeral event at which Shrien had prevented Anni’s mother from spending a few moments alone with her daughter’s body, and letters from the Hindocha family, written as farewell messages to go with her body, had been thrown onto the floor.
It was also the same day, that Max Clifford was hired by the Dewani family to manage Shrien’s image in the media.

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Tue, 2013-08-06

Test Tube Hamburger: £250,000 Stem Cell Patty Cooked And Eaten (And Google’s Sergey Brin Picked Up The Bill)

Considered in terms of pure science, it’s great. This should be done for the fun of it, and just to prove it can be done, but as a food for the future, it would suck.

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