Dan Newling and the Anni Hindocha Murder.

Refer: Dispatches documentary ‘Murder on Honeymoon’ starting approx 34:55.

Channel4 : http://www.channel4.com/programmes/disp … od#3262308
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBLH9lG9YkQ

The footage I’ve referred to is of Vinod Hindocha, Anni’s father, describing events which took place in London on 22nd Nov 2010, the ninth day after the murder.
It was two days after a disastrous funeral event at which Shrien had prevented Anni’s mother from spending a few moments alone with her daughter’s body, and letters from the Hindocha family, written as farewell messages to go with her body, had been thrown onto the floor.
It was also the same day, that Max Clifford was hired by the Dewani family to manage Shrien’s image in the media.

Vinod relates how Shrien’s brother Preyen, asked him to come to the offices of Max Clifford.
Vinod noticed, that while they were there, Preyen took his mobile phone out and left it on the table “sort of… recording something”. The next day, Vinod was taken aback to discover that his conversation with Preyen had become newspaper headlines in the Daily Mail.

In order to write the article for the next day’s paper, Newling must have been working closely with Clifford and/or Preyen on the same day. So why didn’t Newling gather the material for that article in the usual way – by interviewing Vinod Hindocha himself?
Clearly, the meeting with Preyen was set up specifically so that Vinod would not realise the material was to be used for the newspapers, and in writing the article, Newling was complicit in the deception. The article itself is a carefully crafted piece of propaganda. It is only accessible online from archive services, but the image in the Dispatches documentary is readable (with some difficulty). The article is misleading in many ways, but in specific reference to my present subject, it misrepresents the material from Vinod Hindocha, casting his words out of context. In the initial paragraphs, he is described as ‘speaking out’, and ‘leaping to the defence’ of Shrien, where in the circumstances of the interview this was clearly not the case.

The circumstances surrounding the creation of this article show that Newling has been part of the Max Clifford media campaign from the very beginning. It also shows that Newling is willing to distort and misrepresent material with scant regard for truth, and it must call into question all his other writings.


3 Responses to “Dan Newling and the Anni Hindocha Murder.”

  1. This whole situation is ridiculous – shrien is now happily manipulating the law and avoiding punishment. I really hope he doesn’t get away with it. As to max and newling, I’d rather not express myself clearly on this forum – I’m trying to be a lady this week!!!!

  2. I dont have much worries that he will escape justice in South Africa and I will certainly love to hear the wedding bells when he finds love in a prison cell as a prison bitch.


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