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Sun, 2014-03-09

Gangland Killing

A young, hard-working family man, gunned down by township gangsters in a “revenge” killing for something his brother may have done.
Another brutality within the brutal realities of the townships, yet too easily stereotyped; as it is inflicted on the people who live there by a small minority.
His former employer has set up an appeal to support this young man’s widow and two young children (the youngest only a month old).
Details can be found within this article:

Toni Maguire Norwich

It is all too easy to see headlines saying Gangland Killing and think murderers, drug dealers and rapists.  And let’s be honest, is it not true that often the next thought is “good riddance, let them get rid of each other,” before looking for the next article to read?
But this is not always the case.

Lunga Lunga

What I am writing about took place in Gugulethu, a township in South Africa. However It could have happened in more than one city across the world. In places where, for many families, poverty punctuates every facet of their lives, parents watch with despair as their children are both tempted and forced into joining street gangs.
To refuse takes enormous courage.
Lunga was such a person. A deeply religious young man, he was never tempted by the comradeship and protection that being a member of a gang gives.
He had no interest in…

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