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Julian Assange

The US indictments of Julian Assange are not sincere. They are playing a game: the same one they play in the Middle East, where they make up the rules to suit themselves, as they promote a ‘peace process‘, rather than simply ‘peace’.
For Julian Assange they do not want ‘justice’. Rather, they want to incapacitate Julian Assange through a ‘justice process’: an ‘extradition process’, followed by a ‘trial process’, followed by an ‘appeal process’, each of which can be spun out indefinitely by legal argument.
The UK is clearly playing the same game, as shown by the extraordinary 50 week sentence handed down for skipping bail. That means it’s nearly a year before the legal arguments can even begin on competing extradition claims.
And that is why Sweden has been pressured by the UK to keep their on again off again European Arrest Warrant open: for the purpose of having long legal battles over who gets to extradite him first. How convenient would it be, if he were to face an ‘extradition process’ to Sweden, followed by a Swedish ‘trial process’, and ‘appeals process’, after which he could be handed back to the UK to face an ‘extradition process’ and ‘appeals process’ to the US. All this before he could even begin to face the Grand Jury indictment, trial process, sentencing process and appeals process in the USA >>> decades later….
However, there is a flip side to all this. The criminals in the US/UK establishment are clearly desperate, as they have now chosen to throw their own rule books out the window, and abandon even the appearance of justice being served. It is now clear to everyone including blind Freddy’s cat, that the rule of law is in tatters: injustice is not only being done, but also being seen to be done.

Sun, 2014-03-09

Gangland Killing

A young, hard-working family man, gunned down by township gangsters in a “revenge” killing for something his brother may have done.
Another brutality within the brutal realities of the townships, yet too easily stereotyped; as it is inflicted on the people who live there by a small minority.
His former employer has set up an appeal to support this young man’s widow and two young children (the youngest only a month old).
Details can be found within this article:

Toni Maguire Norwich

It is all too easy to see headlines saying Gangland Killing and think murderers, drug dealers and rapists.  And let’s be honest, is it not true that often the next thought is “good riddance, let them get rid of each other,” before looking for the next article to read?
But this is not always the case.

Lunga Lunga

What I am writing about took place in Gugulethu, a township in South Africa. However It could have happened in more than one city across the world. In places where, for many families, poverty punctuates every facet of their lives, parents watch with despair as their children are both tempted and forced into joining street gangs.
To refuse takes enormous courage.
Lunga was such a person. A deeply religious young man, he was never tempted by the comradeship and protection that being a member of a gang gives.
He had no interest in…

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They already wish they hadn’t put him in the army.
Now they’re going to wish they hadn’t put her in jail.


Remember US Ambassador Susman’s revelation of their major grievance in the case of Gary McKinnon… “He mocked us”. Now, somewhere in their military mentality, there will be a little festering core of uncertainty… Continue reading

Wed, 2013-08-14

Dan Newling and the Anni Hindocha Murder.

Refer: Dispatches documentary ‘Murder on Honeymoon’ starting approx 34:55.

Channel4 : … od#3262308
Youtube :

The footage I’ve referred to is of Vinod Hindocha, Anni’s father, describing events which took place in London on 22nd Nov 2010, the ninth day after the murder.
It was two days after a disastrous funeral event at which Shrien had prevented Anni’s mother from spending a few moments alone with her daughter’s body, and letters from the Hindocha family, written as farewell messages to go with her body, had been thrown onto the floor.
It was also the same day, that Max Clifford was hired by the Dewani family to manage Shrien’s image in the media.
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Tue, 2013-08-06

Test Tube Hamburger: £250,000 Stem Cell Patty Cooked And Eaten (And Google’s Sergey Brin Picked Up The Bill)

Considered in terms of pure science, it’s great. This should be done for the fun of it, and just to prove it can be done, but as a food for the future, it would suck.
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There are MANY sides to this.

Politicians pledging that they are targeting the “people smugglers”, and crying crocodile tears over drownings due to unsafe boats? Excuse me while I throw up. The smugglers wouldn’t use such old unsafe boats if it weren’t a certainty that they’d be (sunk/blown up/confiscated/burnt) by Australian officials on arrival. It is quite obvious that your policies do not put the safety of vulnerable people first. You quite obviously prefer, in political reality, that thousands of people drown at sea, than allow your arbitrary numeric “immigration quotas” to be exceeded. As leaders of the Australian people, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and ashamed that Australia continues to support such a morally bankrupt stance. Continue reading

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Fri, 2012-12-07

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others.

via Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others.

Fri, 2012-12-07

Bent Scales

Anni Hindocha smiles in the background, as her father Vinod surveys the bent scales. Astride the scales, Judge Riddle, and with all the balance their way – Michael Kopelman and Nigel Eastman with the unkempt image that Shrien Dewani now chooses to present in public…

The Long Bent Arm of the Law

The Long Bent Arm of the Law

It is now more than two years since the murder of newly-wed Anni Hindocha on her honeymoon in South Africa. Her husband Shrien Dewani is accused of procuring her murder, yet despite declaring his desire to clear his name, he remains holed up in England, fighting extradition to South Africa. The extradition was approved by the courts  over a year ago, in August 2011, but it has been put on hold by a High Court decision in March, that it would be “oppressive” to extradite him given his mental condition.

It is an important role of the criminal justice system to protect the rights of the accused, as encapsulated in the saying “innocent unless proven guilty”. However, those rights are not an absolute, as in their application they can impinge on the rights of others. In this case it appears that while Dewani is enjoying his rights under the law, the right of the public to have a murder-accused person face trial, and the right of Anni’s family to know the truth of what happened to their daughter, are being trampled underfoot. Continue reading

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