Test Tube Hamburger: £250,000 Stem Cell Patty Cooked And Eaten (And Google’s Sergey Brin Picked Up The Bill)

Considered in terms of pure science, it’s great. This should be done for the fun of it, and just to prove it can be done, but as a food for the future, it would suck.

Food production of any kind entails inputs of resources from, and outputs to the environment.
In theory, growing vegetables hydroponically should be cheaper, more efficient, and result in a superior product with a smaller environmental footprint. In practice, despite the best applications of modern science, hydroponic produce cannot match quality organically grown produce on any of those criteria.

There is no reason to think industrial scale production of artificial meat would have any net benefit to the environment. Obvious problems to be overcome would include sanitation and bacterial contamination. By comparison, the challenges of hydroponic vegetable production pale into insignificance.

Science and technology junkies should take a step back and reflect: it’s taken 200 years since the start of the industrial revolution for the major consequence (climate change) to become obvious, and even now there is every indication that the world will not react until too late to avert a catastrophe.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch”
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