They already wish they hadn’t put him in the army.
Now they’re going to wish they hadn’t put her in jail.


Remember US Ambassador Susman’s revelation of their major grievance in the case of Gary McKinnon… “He mocked us”. Now, somewhere in their military mentality, there will be a little festering core of uncertainty…

The once proud and honourable US has become a nation that boasts of carrying out extrajudicial executions via drone attack; that detains political prisoners for decades without charge; that routinely uses torture to extract information from people; that launches rocket attacks on the offices of dissident news media; that allows its soldiers to fly around machine-gunning defenceless civilians including children and journalists. It is such behaviour which you should punish, not Chelsea Manning.

Chelsea Manning is your saving grace. Chelsea Manning proves that not all of you are evil. Chelsea Manning is your conscience, and she’s sticking it to you in a very clever way, because for as long as you continue to bluster in your humourless attempts to save face, the rest of the world will be laughing.

Keep an eye out for world leaders grinning broadly while shaking hands by the right, the left behind their backs, fingers crossed.


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